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   State Route 76 (SR-76) Construction Photographs

Below are some photographs of the ongoing construction and widening of SR-76, the Middle Project, from Melrose Drive to South Mission Road in north San Diego County.

This Caltrans project began in January of 2010. It is partially funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The project was awarded to Flatiron West, Inc.

The photos on this page are of Flatiron's sub-contractor - Pinnick, Inc. of El Cajon, CA.

Some links to articles and other web content are posted below the photos. More photos, information, articles, and links coming soon.

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All photo files in these pages were made very low-resolution to enable faster download times on your computer. These files are for review and selection only and are not suitable for printing.

Additional links for the project are listed below. Please contact Dave Vornberger if you need any assistance with any information or photographs: (949) 458 - 8468      Email: dave@vesperlight.com

Links for other sites and articles on the project are listed below.

Keep San Diego Moving Project information site
News article on start of project News site
Article on project Article
SR 76 ARRA Fact sheet PDF Fact sheet
Sandag info site Information site
KPBS article News site
North County Times article Local coverage
Article about photos above Article about photos above
Misc. info From County site

Please contact Dave Vornberger if you would like further info or need any assistance with these pages: (949) 458 - 8468      Email: dave@vesperlight.com

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